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Hi, I'm Richarda. A creative person who loves to work with fabrics, make stuff, postcard collector, fill my garden with flowers and pick them together with my daughter. Petite Louise is my company since 2009 where I work on a diversity of creative projects.

Lady Dolls

Shop update: January / February 2020

Available @petitelouise_nl

Each Lady is handmade by myself with much love and care and are one of a kind. They're made of beautiful cottons, Essex Linen, are filled with 100% wool and the faces are hand embroidered. The Ladies are 40 cm and they wear cosy scarfs, just like myself ;-)

Please notice that the Lady Dolls don't like rough playing but are more into lovely tea party's. I don't recommend to play with the Dolls when kids are younger then 3 years old.

I do ship to every Doll lover world wide! To be sure that your Doll arrives safely I only ship with a track & trace code. Payment goes by PayPal or bank transfer. Once received I'll ship your Doll straight to you, hooray!

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See you there!

Love, Richarda